fiberglass pool


Step 1: 

The pool layout is carefully marked for precision placement

Step 2: 

Excavation is started

Step 3: 

The hole is carefully prepared to achieve the proper shape and form

Step 4: 

Now that the perimeters are correct, the pool is ready to be set in place

Step 5: 

The process of filling and backfilling the pool begins 

Step 6: 

The proper plumbing and electrical equipment is installed 

Step 7: 

The concrete is poured around the pool and it's foundation

Why choose a

fiberglass pool?

‚ÄčVarious styles and sizes available Fiberglass pools are a permanent home improvement and can be installed in a few days.
Fiberglass pools require less chemicals and maintenance than gunite and vinyl liner pools, use less energy.
Due to the smooth finish of a fiberglass pool, there is no need to worry about skin abrasions.
Fiberglass is the strongest type of pool available; it is 17 times stronger than concrete.

Options and Upgrades

Gemstone finishes
Inlaid tile
Perimeter tile
Custom mosaics
LED lighting